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Donna Sabine
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Donna Sabine

Donna Sabine

Full Name: Donna Sabine
Gender: Female   Female
Died: 2012
Status: Deceased
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Police Officer   Metro Police   Constable
            ●     SRU       Team Three
 ●   Police Officer   Metro Police   Constable
            ●     SRU       Team One
 Portrayed by: Jessica Steen
 First Appearance:
 Business As Usual
 Last Appearance:
 Keep The Peace, Part I
List of Appearances

Donna Sabine was Jules' replacement after Jules took a temporary leave of absence to recover from the gunshot wound she takes in S1 finale, "Between Heartbeats". A former undercover narcotics agent wishing to get rid of her "mask", Donna transferred to SRU's Team 3 upon Jules' return. She appears again in S3 finale, "Fault Lines", as the Team 3 Team Leader, running an evaluation test on Team 1, and helps track down Ed Lane's shooter in the Season 4 premiere, "Personal Effects", before apprehending a drug dealer who was partially involved in the case.

In the Season 4 episode "A New Life", Donna's wedding is interrupted by gunfire. This leads Team One to respond, and they uncover a vendetta by a notorious crime family to apparently take down the undercover Vice officers who brought down the head of the family, Callum Logan, in the past.

Donna was part of that operation, and Team One must help keep her and ex-team members safe. They discover too late that it is the spouses of the UC officers who are the ultimate targets, and Donna's ex-partner, Bill Kedrick, betrays her.

In Season 4 and Season 5, Donna is promoted to Team Leader in SRU: Team Three.(Miraculously). In Episode:Keep The Peace, Part I, she is tragically killed in the line of duty.


In the Season 4 episode "A New Life", Donna marries Hank Gerald, who works in the IT industry. Donna has an unnamed sister who lives "overseas"; her father is deceased. She was seen to be on very friendly terms with the members of Team One, in particular Ed Lane, Kevin Wordsworth, and Spike Scarlatti. Ed was chosen to walk Donna down the aisle, most likely due to their excellent rapport.


In "Keep the Peace" (Part I), Donna was killed in an explosion caused by one of Marcus Faber's ten bombs. One year after the events of Keep the Peace, a commemorative plaque has been placed on Donna's locker. In the final minutes of "Keep the Peace" (Part II), Ed toasts Donna and deceased Team One member, Lewis Young, at SRU headquarters following Greg Parker's retirement party: "To absent friends: to Donna and Lou."

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Donna's Plaque

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