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Eagle Two
Episode No.   Season
10 1x10 I
Original Broadcast Date January 9, 2009 FlagIconCA-small
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Team One is assigned to protect a VIP and his wife at a business forum, when a bomb explodes, the team realizes that the bomb was a distraction engineered by a group of Chilean protestors so they can kidnap the VIP's wife. The kidnapping turns to horror when the wife is found alive with a remote-controlled collar bomb around her neck, and with the Chileans demanding that the VIP confesses to the crimes they believe he committed at a mine in South America. Colm Feore and Wendy Crewson guest star. Sam kisses Jules after she blames herself for ignoring Eagle Two.


Song at the end: "I am You" by Kim Taylor.


Hugh Dillon as Ed Lane
Amy Jo Johnson as Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan
David Paetkau as Sam Braddock
Enrico Colantoni as Gregory 'Greg' Parker
Sergio Di Zio as Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti
Michael Cram as Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth
Mark Taylor as Lewis 'Lou' Young
Ruth Marshall as Dr. Amanda Luria (not in episode)

Recurring CharacterEdit

Guest StarringEdit

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