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Run, Jaime, Run
Episode No.   Season
47 4x03 IV
Original Broadcast Date July 22, 2011 FlagIconCA-small
July 22, 2011 FlagIconUSA-small
November 14, 2012 FlagIconUK-small
Written By
Directed By
Chronological Information
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The team goes after a robber who streams his robberies on the Internet.


Jaime Dee, a reckless robber who streams his robberies on Twitter and targeting corporations to expose them as hypocrites, is on the loose and Team One has to stop him. However, they stumble onto a far more complex plot, as Jaime is planning on performing a "grand finale" before he disappears with his friend, a teenage girl named Sage, whom he intends to rescue from her abusive rich father. But in fact, the philanthropist's 17-year old son, manipulating him into assassinating his neglectful father.


Hugh Dillon as Ed Lane
Amy Jo Johnson as Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan
David Paetkau as Sam Braddock
Sergio Di Zio as Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti
Michael Cram as Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth
Enrico Colantoni as Gregory 'Greg' Parker

Guest Starring Edit

Uncredited Edit

  • Ryan Wong As "Third Kid"
  • As "Second Kid"
  • As "First Kid"
  • As "Cunninghams Wife"
  • Own Roth As "Kyle"

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