Season 1
Episode 01 "Scorpio"


GORAN TOMASIC: (speaks Croatian)

GREG: You know why we're all here? It's about helping you. You understand? Help. But first you have to put the gun down, you have to put the gun down.

GORAN: (speaks Croatian)

GREG: Give me, uh, give me "gun down".

TRANSLATOR on phone: (Croatian)

GREG: (repeats the phrase twice)

GORAN: (speaks Croatian)

GREG: Give me "we want to help."

TRANSLATOR on phone: (Croatian)

GREG: (repeats the phrase) Put the gun down, put the gun down. Give me "calm down."

TRANSLATOR on phone: (Croatian)

GREG: (repeats) Keep it calm. Sierra, switch channels.

JULES: Switching channels.

ED: (on radio) Sierra One, copy. (on roof) Come on, come on, come on.

GREG: Just keep it calm, keep it calm, keep it calm.

GORAN: (speaks Croatian)

GREG: Sierra One, Sierra One.

ED: Sierra One, go ahead.

GREG: Scorpio.

ED: (disengages safety of sniper rifle)



WORDY: (yelling from car) Eddie!


CLARK: Hey, I saw that!

ED: I gotta go. I gotta go, that's my ride.

SOPHIE: I don't understand -- you knew about this.

ED: Tell your folks I wish I could, I really do. I just don't have a choice. It's a thing for Barney's—it's his retirement.

SOPHIE: Jakub and Dorota are flying in. Dad wanted to show you off a little, Clark's quartet's gonna play.

ED: Anniversaries happen every year. That's what they're for. This is a retirement. It happens once. It's -- it's not something I can miss.

SOPHIE: What are they doing to do, demote you to rubber bullets?

ED: (laughs) I gotta go.

SOPHIE: Ed! The world is not going to end if you and your buddies skip a few pushups. Clark, pack it up. It's seven.

CLARK: It's okay. I'll take the bus.

ED: (calling to Wordy) I'll be right there.

WORDY: Right.

ED: Soph, everybody's going to be there, everybody. Even some of the old timers. This is like--

SOPHIE: Family.

CLARK: Good one.

ED: (kisses Sophie; speaks to Clark) Later, kiddo.

CLARK: Or not.

SOPHIE: So what do you want me to tell my parents. You missing their fortieth and all.

ED: I-- Office Wordsworth, what do I, what do I tell her parents.

WORDY: Tell them, tell them to remember their Gilbert and Sullivan. (sings with Ed) When constabulary duty's to be done -- to be done -- policemen's job is not a happy one -- happy one. (Ed and Wordy salute her, move toward the car)

SOPHIE: Okay (shuts door).

ED: That's good.

WORDY: You got it.


PETAR: (speaks Croatian)

GORAN: (hugs him tightly)

PETAR: Papa. (exits subway)



WORDY: So what'd you think?

ED: I told him not to waste my time. Bremler didn't live up to specs.

WORDY: Really?

ED: Rolie!

ROLIE: Hey, hey, hey.

WORDY: Hey. Brass let him test drive the new Bremler.

ROLIE: Oh yeah? What do you think of that double trigger?

ED: Pssh. She's jam away.

ROLIE: (laughs) Better pray for a fat target.

ED: I mean, it's a sweet looking piece. (yells) It's all sass, no class.

JULES: Well, that's a good match for you. All brawn and no brain.

ED: (entering building) Ha ha ha.


GREG: (standing in doorway, to Jules and Lewis) So you know the world of pain I face every time the walls need to be cleaned, right?

JULES: Sorry, Sarge.

LEWIS: Sorry, Sarge. Whew!

JULES: What, did you get stuck up there?

LEWIS: Yeah.

JULES: Double or nothing?




GREG: Who won?

ED: Who do you think? So what's the daily special?

GREG: Bread and butter. Drug squad's got a bust up in Jamestown.

ED: Yeah. Whose score?

GREG: Naismith's. He said it was big.

ED: Come on, Naismith? His last big bust was, what, two kids and a couple of joints.

GREG: I know. But if every day was Christmas, it wouldn't be Christmas, now, would it? (to bomb disposal robot) Babycakes, how are you?

SPIKE: Fricking shag carpet. Been picking it out of her treads all morning.

ED: Price of love, Spike.

SPIKE: Yeah, she didn't even make me breakfast.

GREG: Say goodbye to your girlfriend. Briefing room, five minutes.

SPIKE: Yeah.

ED: Spikey, retirement party tonight.

SPIKE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

GREG: I thought you were doing the family thing.


(Goran sits, exits train)


ED: What am I supposed to do?

GREG: Well, maybe what you do is you get the big picture.

ED: Big picture?

GREG: It's your in-laws' fortieth anniversary.

ED: Come on.

GREG: I'm just saying.

ED: Did she pay you to say that?

GREG: Hey, hey, you know what? There's a cop retires every week and one day it's going to be you. So who are you going to come home to when the day comes?

[OFFICE FOYER - this scene is in Croatian with subtitles]

GORAN: Martha.

MARTHA: What are you doing here?

GORAN: Martha, please, I just want to talk to you.

MARTHA: You're supposed to stay away from me.

GORAN: I'm sorry about everything. I just want to talk.

MARTHA: I'll have to call the police again.

GORAN: (Grabbing her arm) I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just want to talk to you. Come with me.

MARTHA: I can't. I have to get back to work.


GREG: Short of any incoming, we've got a narc warrant for Detective Naismith, (general mocking laughter) the exhilarating, electrifying details of which we'll learn en route. Ninja teams, Ed.

ED: Alpha – Wordy: one, Spike: two, Lou: three. Wordy, you man the ram. Rolie, you head up Bravo?

ROLIE: You got it, boss.

ED: Five, six, Spike DDs and flashbangs.

SPIKE: (makes explosion sound)

ED: Lou? Less lethal.

LEWIS: What? Again?

GREG: And I shall negotiate should the need arise. Snipers -- Ed, you're Sierra Two; Jules, you're Sierra One. Mr. Lane?

ED: Absolutely. Absolutely. Spread the wealth. Is it Jules day?

JULES: Every day is Jules day.

[OFFICE FOYER - this scene is in Croatian with subtitles]

GORAN: I love you.

MARTHA: I can't go with you.

GORAN: Martha.

MARTHA: Leave me alone, let go of my hand. Leave me alone, let go of my hand.

GORAN: Don't talk to me that way.

MARTHA: Leave me alone, please. Please!

GORAN: Shut up! People will hear you.

MARTHA: (crying audibly and raising her voice as she pulls away) Let go of me, don't touch me!

GORAN: (shouting) I only want to talk.

MARTHA: Let go of me!

GORAN: Shut up!

MARTHA: (In English) Help me, please someone help!

MAN: Are you okay?

GORAN: (pulls a gun; in Croatian) Go away!

MAN: (backing away) Sorry, sorry!

GORAN: Where are you going? Martha, come back here! You don't know what you're doing.

MARTHA: I won't!

GORAN: Martha, come back here. Do as I'm telling you!

MARTHA: I won't.

GORAN: Martha. I'm telling you, come back here! Martha! Martha! (shoots her in the back)

MARTHA: (whimpers, gasping for air)

GORAN: (stands over her) I warned you.



OFFICER NEVILLE'S RADIO: Suspect is flagged alpha. Fleeing Bay vicinity, exiting First York. Male, white, forties, blue jacket, heavy-set. 10-64, repeat, 10-64.

GORAN AND OFFICER NEVILLE: (both draw their guns)

OFFICER NEVILLE: Drop your weapon!

GORAN: (speaks Croatian)

OFFICER NEVILLE: I said, drop your weapon.

GORAN: (speaks Croatian)

OFFICER NEVILLE: Do you understand me? Drop your weapon now, don’t move!

GORAN: (grabs hostage, speaks Croatian)

OFFICER NEVILLE: (into radio) Code 100, First York Plaza, north of the square. Immediate backup, extreme caution, bystanders, hostage.


JULES: Rangefinders?

ED: Check.

JULES: Bipods?

ED: Check. So how’d it go last night?

JULES: Great.

ED: Huh. Really?

JULES: Battery packs loaded?

ED: Yup. And?

JULES: And it was great.

ED: And…?

JULES: And what?

ED: What happened? You wanted to snuggle up in front of the TV, right?

JULES: (loading gear into truck) It’s just, I’m sitting there and all I can think about is I wanna finish my drywall.

GREG: (over building intercom) Team One, let’s saddle up, we got a call. Let’s suit up.

JULES: Change of plans.

ED: Game on.

OFFSCREEN: It’s go time, baby.


JULES: (into radio) First York Plaza, copy. What’s the guy carrying?

GREG: (on radio) A Luger.

ED: (driving) A wha- a Luger?

GREG: First victim’s critical. Now he’s got a hostage, female.

JULES: Got it on screen, where’s he at?

GREG: North Square. Heavy on civilians, so let’s go careful out there. Over.

ED: Morning.

JULES: Good mornin’!

ED: Let’s break it down.

JULES: 8:30 in the morning, rush hour, business district.

ED: Place is gonna be packed.

JULES: Which means we gotta go high. You take…

ED: North building. You counter.

JULES: West.

ED: Too high.

JULES: East. East gives us…

BOTH: Maximum coverage.

JULES: Don’t want the guy running, both of us losing him.

ED: Right, right. What else?

JULES: What do you mean what else? This is gonna be crazy.

ED: Damn right, it’s gonna be crazy. Every unit in the city’s gonna want a piece of this.

JULES: And I’m Sierra One. Oh, yeah. I’m Sierra One.

ED: Chill.

JULES: I’m just sayin’.


(Sam deplanes.)


DETECTIVE: (into megaphone) There’s nowhere to go. (to Inspector Stainton) This is going nowhere.

GORAN: (shouting in Croatian)

STAINTON: Here comes the cavalry.

GREG: (into radio) Dispatch, be advised, SRU is on the scene.

LEWIS: (checking Spike’s gear) You’re good.

GREG: Let’s keep the peace. K-9...we’ve got the marine unit here. (into radio) Copy, 10-4. (to Lou) Lewis, I need you in the truck, you’re my secondary.

LEWIS: You got it.

ED: Rolie.

ROLIE: Southwest needs containment. Make sure the outer perimeter’s clear, I’ll take the inner myself.

ED: Good. Spike, Wordy, you cover Parker.

GREG: Sierras?

ED: North building.

GREG: Jules.

JULES: East.

GREG: All right, good. Keep a close eye, this guy doesn’t look too happy. (to Stainton) Inspector?

STAINTON: It’s all yours, Sergeant.

GREG: Guy got a name?

STAINTON: No. He doesn’t speak English.

GREG: What’s he speak?

STAINTON: Mid-eastern European, something, I don’t know.

GREG: Well, how long have you been here?

DETECTIVE: I think it’s Yugoslavian, Croatian.

GREG: Do you speak it?


GREG: Where’s the translator? (Detective points over his shoulder) What’s he speak?


GREG: (into radio) We need a Croatian translator, anyone you got. Let me know when Dr. Luria is en route.

RADIO: 10-4.

GREG: All right, now, back your guys off. I’m trying to de-escalate here, and I don’t want my boys getting shot in the back by sympathetic fire. (to Wordy and Spike) Move it up. (to Goran) My name is Greg. It’s just a radio, I’m gonna put it down.

GORAN: (shouting in Croatian)

GREG: Let’s talk, okay, just talk.


LEWIS: (dictating into microphone) 8:46 AM, Sergeant Gregory Parker begins negotiation.


DRIVER: You mind the radio?


REPORTER (on radio) I don't know the identity of the gunman or his hostage at First York Plaza. He's right outside the building in a stand-off with police, who are characterizing this as a very dangerous...

SAM: Can you turn that up?

REPORTER: With one victim critically injured. Police are advising people to stay away...

SAM: You know where that is?

DRIVER: Don't worry, we're not going anywhere near there.

SAM: Then let's take a detour.


(Lewis is in the command center; Ed and Jules are moving into position.)

LEWIS: Sierras, switch on transponders and go to channel one.


ED: Copy.

LEWIS: Sierra Two, north building: Eleven floors, elevator to the tenth, two lefts, one right, staircase up.

ED: Roger that.

LEWIS: Sierra One, east building: Fifteen floors. Look for a fire escape.


(Doors open, Ed steps on in full gear, holding rifle. The other passengers stare.)

ED: Ten, please. Thank you.


JULES: Elevator?

OFFICER NEVILLE: Immobilized. We're in lockdown.


OFFICER NEVILLE: (over radio) Steve, where's the security contact for the Howswell building?

JULES: (running past him) Thanks anyway.

GORAN: (Croatian)

GREG: Easy, easy, this is all about finding a way home. We all want to go home. But first, you have to put the gun down.

LEWIS: Sierra One, what's your status?

JULES: Elevator's locked, I'm on the stairs. Weather report?

LEWIS: Wind's 11 knots north-northwest, but the plaza's sheltered.

JULES: Could be looking at some updraft.

ED: (On rooftop, throws down hat, secures harness and leans over the edge of the roof.) Sierra Two, in position. Updraft is confirmed.

JULES: Lovely. What's my elevation?

DR. LURIA: (on phone) Yeah. Thanks. Keep us posted. (enters command center)

LEWIS: (on radio) Elevation...185 feet.

DR. LURIA: Hey, Lewis.

LEWIS: Morning, Doc. 8:52 A.M., Forensic psychologist on scene. Nothing on our guy yet.

DR. LURIA: The woman he shot, looks like she probably won't make it.

LEWIS: I'll tell the boss.

DR. LURIA: Can I see the transcript?

DR. LURIA: (examining transcript) Unclear, unclear, unclear.


(Jules is still running up stairs.)

GREG: We can work this out together, one step at a time, do you understand me? Dispatch, what's going on with my translator?

LEWIS: Sierra One, take a left out of the stairwell. Go straight ahead. Right turn and you're there.

JULES: What? Lou, how old are those plans?

LEWIS: What's wrong?

JULES: Renovations!

GREG: Is Luria on scene yet?

DR. LURIA: Good morning.

GREG: Hey, Doc, what're ya thinking?

DR. LURIA: First impression: Not substance issues. He's in full-on tunnel vision. I'm thinking multiple stressors. Might help if we knew what he was saying.

GREG: Dispatch, what's going on with my translator?

VOICE ON RADIO: We got someone en route. Ten minutes.

GREG: That's not good enough. Patch him on the phone right now.

LEWIS: Sierra One, I have a new location for you.

JULES: Okay, take me there.

LEWIS: It's a higher angle, full-value crosswind, ricochet risk.

JULES: Ed, what's your vantage?

ED: I can make it work.

JULES: It's all yours.

ED: You copy that, Lewis?

LEWIS: Copy.

ED: Sierra One, in position.

LEWIS: Sarge, Sierra One's position was compromised. Sierra Two is now Sierra One.

GREG: Sierra One, talk to me.

ED: He's holding her close.

GREG: How's the view?

ED: Cold zero. I've got the solution.


(Sam arrives on the scene.)

GREG: (offscreen) Put the gun down.

REPORTER: I'm on the scene now at First York Plaza, in North Square. As you can see, the hostage situation is…


JULES: Sierra Two in position. Good vantage. Big civilian presence, north wall. Sierra One looks good.

ED: (to Goran, who is growing more agitated) Easy, Mr. Happy.

GREG: Do you know why we're all here? It's about helping you. Do you understand? Help.

GORAN: (shouting in Croatian)

GREG: You have to put the gun down. Put the gun down!

GORAN: (shouting in Croatian)

GREG: Sierra One, you got a solution?

ED: I got the solution.

GREG: Copy that.

GORAN: (shouting in Croatian)

GREG: (to translator, via walkie-talkie) Give me "put the gun down." Gun down.

TRANSLATOR: Ostavi pistolj.

GREG: (to Goran) Ostavi pistolj! (Goran grabs the hostage closer, shouting) Ostavi pistolj! (to translator) Give me… give me "we want to help."

ED: (trying to get a clear shot) Easy, Mr. Happy. Come on, stop bobbing. That's it. That's better. You wanna dance? We'll dance. Together.

GREG: (to Goran) Hocemo vam pomoci. Hocemo vam pomoci.

GORAN: (speaking Croatian)

GREG: Ostavi pistolj—put the gun down!

GORAN: (Croatian)

GREG: (to translator) Give me "calm down."


GREG: Smiri se. Smiri se! Sierras, switch channels.

JULES: Switching channels.

ED: Sierra One, copy.

GREG: What's he saying?

TRANSLATOR: "I'll shoot her, don't make me shoot her."

GREG: (over Goran's shouting) Keep it calm, just keep it calm, it's gonna be okay…

GORAN: (levels his gun at the assembled officers, who duck behind the concrete barriers.)

GREG: Sierra One. Sierra One.

ED: Sierra One, go ahead.

GREG: Scorpio.

ED: Copy. (releases safety on his rifle) C'mon, my friend… let me have… this… dance. (starts to squeeze the trigger)

JULES: Sarge, we got a runner! Rolie, red wall!

GREG: Hold fire, Sierra One. Hold fire, hold fire.

ED: Copy, holding fire.

PETAR: (running out of the crowd, toward his father) Tata! Tata! (he ducks under the police tape) Tata!

ROLIE: (intercepting him) Hey hey hey hey hey hey! Don't move, stop right there. Stop, stop, stop. Hey hey hey. Easy.

PETAR: Tata!

ROLIE: Easy, easy. One step at a time, here. Tell us what's "tata"? That's your dad? Is that your father?

PETAR: (nods)

GORAN: (speaking in Croatian, eyes on his son)

ED: 'Kay, whaddaya got?

JULES: Male youth, breached the perimeter.

PETAR: (shouting in Croatian)

ROLIE: Look at me here, he's gonna be fine. Okay? But we need to talk to him. We just need to talk to him.

GREG: Rolie, what's going on?

ROLIE: It's the son. I got his son here.

PETAR and GORAN: (speaking Croatian)

ED: Scorpio's still a go?

GREG: That's affirmative, if he re-escalates. We may have a TPI here, so let's see if we can work this out.

ED: If he re-escalates, copy. Still got the solution.

GORAN: Petar, (in Croatian)

ROLIE: (to son) You know what? We need your help, okay? No one's gonna get hurt here. No one's gonna hurt him, but we need to talk to him. Can you tell him no one's gonna hurt him? Tell him no one's gonna hurt him.

PETAR and GORAN: (talking in Croatian)

GREG: What's he saying? What's he saying?

ROLIE: Hey, son, you gotta tell me what he's saying.

PETAR and GORAN: (screaming in Croatian, Goran brandishing the gun at the hostage again, getting desperate, aims at the officers again.)

GREG: Scorpio. Scorpio.

(Petar breaks away from Rolie, starts running toward his father. Ed can see only what's visible in his rifle sight.)

ROLIE: Hey hey hey! Runner!

JULES: Ed, the boy! (Ed's shot fires just as Petar reaches his father.)

ED: (gasping, in shock. Ed scrabbles for grip, struggles to find the scene again through the rifle sight. Below, we see Petar kneeling by his dead father and a pool of blood next to Goran's head.

OFFICER: (advancing on Petar and Goran) Police, don't move!

HOSTAGE: (wobbles toward the police line, stunned, bloody. Intercepted by Greg, who leads her away).  PETAR: (Rolie pulls Petar away while other officers secure the father's limp body.) What did you do? (shouting toward the rooftop) Why did you do that?

ED: (badly shaken, paces, clearly trying not to throw up.)


STAINTON: (approaching) Tape it up, it's now a crime scene. Nobody speaks to the subject officer. (to Ed) Constable. I need your rifle and your kit. (Ed hands them over.) Now you're under investigation—you know the drill. Whenever you're ready.

ED: (silently stands and follows him.)

STAINTON: Now you know you're sequestered, there's no talking, okay?

GREG: (to someone else, beneath siren) You need to barricade the doors so people couldn't come in and out, all right?

NORM: Greg. That went down fast.

GREG: Lewis has the transcripts in the truck.

NORM: I want another staging area for that media. Move it.


GREG: It was by the book, Norm.

NORM: Yeah?

STAINTON: That will be for Special Investigations to decide.

NORM: Well, thank you, Stainton. Ed, this was you?

STAINTON: You know better than to talk to subject officers, Commander.

NORM: Thank you, Inspector. Good job, Constable.

STAINTON: Parker, let's go. SIU's waiting.

GREG: How're you doing, Eddie?


GREG: Mind just plugging your earholes for a second while I talk to my buddy here and ask how he's doing? (to Ed) How are you doing?

ED: Fine. Fine.

GREG: Hey, Ed, (pointing over roof of car before they get in) It was a good job.


JULES: (packing up weapons)

SAM: Hey. Saw the whole thing. I'm Sam. Sam Braddock?

JULES: Good for you.

SAM: You don't see lady snipers too often. That's kind of sexy. What's that, a Remmy 700? Classic. Hard to top one MOA. I carry a vintage Colt, myself. Pearl grips. Wanna see? (puts hand in jacket)

JULES: (shouting and drawing gun) Put your hands where I can see them. Hands where I can see them. (shouting from other officers)

NORM: Lower your weapons! Lower your weapons. Easy.

SAM (shows photo): It's my dad. Pearl grips.

NORM: Braddock, your instructions were to report to the station.

SAM: Sorry sir. I heard it on the radio. I didn't want to miss it.

NORM: Good work, Team One. Team Three will relieve you. SIU needs witness statements, then see Dr. Luria for a debrief. Braddock, come with me.

SAM: Nice post-incident reflexes, guys.


(Ed sits at the table. His phone rings but he doesn't answer it.)


(Sophie, dressed in chef's whites, watches news bulletin and tries to phone Ed.)


KOWALSKI: Blair Kowalski, Special Investigations Unit. How're you doing? Okay, let's start with the vest. I need your vest. Vest. Shirt. Boots. Pants.

MCANDREW: (entering room as Ed strips) You didn't wait.

KOWALSKI: Just bagging the clothes.

MCANDREW: They say debriefing and you take it literally. (to Ed) Did you say anything? You don't have to say anything to him. That's your right, okay? Frank McAndrew, I'm your lawyer, all right. I'm going to take care of all of this, you've nothing to worry about, all right? Saw it on TV, that was great work. Kowalski, this is a no-brainer. (to Ed) No pun intended. You want to talk to him now, or what? Okay.

KOWALSKI: What exactly do you mean he called "Scorpio."

MCANDREW: He means he got the order.

KOWALSKI: When you say you got the order...(Ed's phone rings) You going to get that?

ED: It's okay. It's my wife.

MCANDREW: You can get that. I mean, if you want to get that you can get it. It's your right. Talk to your wife.

ED: Hey, Soph. Nah, I can't talk.

SOPHIE: Okay. I just wanted to know if that was your team this morning.

ED: Yeah.

SOPHIE: That was you.

ED: Yeah.

SOPHIE: Well, uh. We'll go home and wait for you there.

ED: No, no, no., just go to the thing, okay?

SOPHIE: Okay, Eddie. Bye.

KOWALSKI: So. Picking up. When you say you got the...

MCANDREW: (interrupts) You saw it, didn't you? Just give him the use of force wheel. It's just textbook, just show him, give it to him. Okay, when all reasonable efforts to de-escalate the situation fail and the suspect is threatening a member of the force, clearly progressing from assaultive to grievous bodily harm, eh? There we have it, eh? Are we done here, Mr. Kowalski?

KOWALSKI: Just about. Were you aware that the suspect's son was at the scene?

ED: My observers said there was a male youth.

KOWALSKI: And do you believe that every effort was made to involve the son in the negotiation as a third party intermediary.

ED: Yes, I do.

KOWALSKI: And are you confident that all options were exhausted before the use of lethal force?

ED: What, the option of watching him shoot my teammate?

KOWALSKI: I'll put that as a yes. So you know, this is the process. We investigate alongside the coroner's inquest. And our director will deliver his statement as to whether or not there are reasonable grounds to believe that you or the other subject officer used excessive force.

MCANDREW: He knows the process.

KOWALSKI: Till that time you're under investigation. We recommend you take a break, spend some quality time with the family.

MCANDREW: Thank you, Blair.

KOWALSKI: Good. See you at the inquest.

MCANDREW: Hold on, Ed. There's somebody else that you've got to talk to.


CLARK: (on phone) Hey, Mom.


ED: Look...

DR. LURIA: I know, you're fine. You did a great job out there, but you need somebody to talk to. It's strictly confidential.

ED: Doc, if you want a date, just ask.

DR. LURIA: (both laugh) Oh, you know what? Screw it. I forgot who I was talking to for a minute. You're not that guy. You're not gonna wonder if you did the right thing. You're not going to have any sleepless nights, flashbacks, memory loss, time distortions. You're not gonna...feel alone, feel guilty. Feel guilty about not feeling guilty. That's what happens to other people, you'll be fine.

DR. LURIA: (walking away) You know where to find me. Not that you'll need to.


(Ed fires five shots on the target range until the paper target falls to the floor.)

WORDY: Ed, let's go.


JULES: Code of silence been lifted?

ED: Yeah.

JULES: So how'd it go?

ED: The way they do.

JULES: Are you good?

ED: Yup.

JULES: Yeah? Piece of gum? Minty fresh. Listen, I saw you up there. It was a clean shot.

ED: Yeah, it was.

JULES: That guy knew what he was in for. You saved lives.

ED: What I'd tell ya? Making the world safe so that others may--

BOTH: --eat pie.

ED: That's right.

BARNEY: (on stage) Let's hope the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in fast. (general laughter) Mr. Lane. You better have an outstanding reason for being late. (applause) BARNEY: Good job, son. And I am done. As you were. (more applause and cheers)

NORM: So we are gonna try this again. Ah, Team One, this is Sam Braddock.

SAM: Hey.

NORM: Sam's gonna be joining you. Sam took his baby steps at 51st division, went army and joins us straight from JTF2. (to Sam) This is Greg Parker, he's
the team sergeant. We've got Rolie, Lewis, Wordy, Spike, Jules, and Ed Lane as our team leader.

SAM: Nice shot.

ED: Thanks.

JULES: Team's full, isn't it?

NORM: Actually, it's not. Rolie, your application's been approved. You are fast-tracked for sergeant. (putting money on table as Greg hugs Rolie) On me. You guys earned it.

VARIOUS: Thank you, sir.

GREG: Well, it's about time.

VARIOUS: It's about time. Congrats, man. Cheers.

GREG: How you think Eddie's gonna live without you, huh?

ROLIE: He's gonna be a lost man, I reckon.

ED: (nodding)Yeah.

SAM: So, 'Jules', that's short for Julia?

JULES: No. Elite special ops counter-terrorist guy leaves it all behind for the glamour of urban policing. What's up with that?

SPIKE: So, Sam, how many Al-Qaeda guys you take out?

SAM: What, you mean like to dinner?

LEWIS: You gotta be wasted to take seven tasers like that, right?

SPIKE: I could take seven.

WORDY: Seven, what?

SPIKE: I could take seven tasers.

WORDY: You could not take seven tasers.

ED: (fades out of the conversation and focuses on TV screen showing photo of Goran, Martha, and Petar as a happy family.)

VARIOUS: (banter around table) You and Parker Island, right? What happened in there? I probably got tased seven times. You know, everybody's on the same page. What? What does that mean?

ED: (silently leaves table and heads to bathroom)


ED: (washing face in sink as door opens) I'm fine.

GREG: You may want to do the math, one day, on all the "I'm fines". (leaves)

{SONG}: And I will watch you disappear

{SONG}: from my fortress over here


{SONG}: and I will never understand

(Petar Tomasic gazes at his mother's corpse.)

{SONG}: every hearts a foreign land / and I'm so afraid to... / so afraid to...


(Jules scrapes paint off a window & drinks beer.)

{SONG}: love you / and I will turn my eyes away


(Sam looks at photographs of himself with an Army buddy.)

{SONG}: from the harsh light of your day / and I have slept through pouring rain / it was all that kept me sane


(Greg reads last page of transcript:




Greg signs the report.)

{SONG}: and I'm so afraid to... / so afraid to... / love you


(Ed arrives home.)

{SONG}: and I have drawn lines in the sand / to remind us where we stand / and I'll build castles while you thirst / they'll fall down but you'll fall first

CLARK: (from stairs) Dad.

{SONG}: and I'm so afraid to... / so afraid to... / love you

(Ed hugs Clark. Sophie sits on stairs watching. Ed kisses the side of Clark's head and hugs him tighter.)

{SONG}: love you

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial transcript created by fans; no infringement is intended.

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