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The Perfect Family
Episode No.   Season
18 2x05 II
Original Broadcast Date April 10, 2009 FlagIconCA-small
April 10, 2009 FlagIconUSA-small
Directed By
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A young woman gives her son up for adoption, but when her boyfriend re-enters her life, they decides they want the child back, kidnapping him from his adoptive family and demanding a lawyer to find a way to end the adoption. Realising that she cannot care for the baby, the young woman contacts Team One and attempts to end the situation herself. Recognising the young man's pain at never having had a family of his own, Parker begins negotiations, but is put in a position where he can save either the baby or the father. He is able to return the child to its adoptive family, but the young man jumps to his death. Guest star Laurence Leboeuf was nominated for a Gemini Award for this role.


Sam does not appear in this episode. It is subsequently noted that he was visiting his parents (see Episode:Perfect Storm)


Hugh Dillon as Ed Lane
Amy Jo Johnson as Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan(not in episode)
David Paetkau as Sam Braddock(not in episode)
Enrico Colantoni as Gregory 'Greg' Parker
Sergio Di Zio as Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti
Michael Cram as Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth
Mark Taylor as Lewis 'Lou' Young

Guest Starring Edit

Uncredited Edit

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