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Kira Marlowe

Constable Kira Marlowe, SRU Dispatcher

Gender: Female   Female
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Police Officer   Metro Police   Constable
            ●     SRU       SRU Dispatcher
 Portrayed by: Pascale Hutton
 First Appearance:
 Planets Aligned
 Last Appearance:
 Business As Usual
List of Appearances

Kira Marlowe was one of the female SRU dispatchers working with the SRU. The character disappeared after the episode Episode:Business As Usual. In Episode:Planets Aligned, Greg signs a letter of application for a Basic Tactical Operations course, and presumably that is where Kira went. Greg affectionately calls here "Sunshine".

Kira is the second longest serving SRU dispatcher.


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