"I don't want to hurt her"

Paul WilderEdit

Paul Wilder was a 17 year old potential psychopath & murderer in the making who appeared in Unconditional Love. He was played by Devon Bostick. He lived with his mother and was a hostage in the beginning. He killed the man holding him hostage and used the sewer systems to escape the police and find his "victims". He studied serial killers and psychopaths because he thought he was one due to his lack of empathy. His mother says that he is awkward and reclusive, and that he doesn't get people. His younger sister Franny called him a freak because of his strong, possessive attachment to her, and he picked his potential victims based on their physical similarity to Franny. He promised his mom he wouldn't hurt Franny, so instead he went after girls that looked like her.

He is suspected to have Asperger's syndrome with antisocial tendencies.



Season 3:

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