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The Strategic Response Unit (SRU) is modeled after the real life Toronto Police Service Emergency Task Force Unit. The SRU is responsible for high-risk situations that cannot be diffused by regular police officers (armed criminals, explosives, hostage scenarios, and counter-terrorism). If requested, the SRU can also provide additional backup for police officers. In the show, there are five teams in SRU, but only Team One is focused on. Teams Three, Four and Five are mentioned.

SRU: Personnel Edit

SRU: Teams Edit

Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team Five

Sgt. Gregory 'Greg' Parker (retired/Head Instructor at Police Academy)

Badge #213

Cons. Donna Sabine (deceased) Sgt. Troy Surname unknown

Badge #8961

Cons. Jimmy Surname unknown (deceased)

Cons. Julianna "Jules" Callaghan

Badge #2166

Cons. Samuel "Sam" Braddock (reassigned to Team Three)

Badge #1122

Cons. Mike "Spike" Scarlatti

Badge #3496/9436

Cons. Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth (transferred to Guns and Gangs)

Badge #7432

Cons. Lewis "Lou" Young (deceased)

Badge #1902

Cons. Leah Kerns

Badge #1902

Cons. Rafik "Raf" Rousseau (transferred out of SRU)

Badge #1902

Cons. Donna Sabine (reassigned to Team Three)
Cons (later Sgt). Roland "Rolie" Cray (reassigned)

Name: Rank / Title Assignment Status
  Norm Holleran   Commander   SRU   ACTIVE
 Sally LaFlamme   Civilian   SRU Dispatcher   ACTIVE
  Peter Henderson   Constable   SRU Dispatcher


  Sidney Nelson   Constable   SRU Dispatcher   ACTIVE
  Kira Marlowe   Constable   SRU Dispatcher   ACTIVE
  Winnie Camden   Constable   SRU Dispatcher   ACTIVE
  Amanda Luria   Doctor   SRU Psychologist   ACTIVE

Team One with Lou

SRU Team One (w/Lou)


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